1998  First patent application

2000  Fraunhofer supports the project

2003  First Laser beam

2005  Foundation of TAUFENBACH GmbH in Kiel

2006  Begin the development to series production

2008  Market Launch of the laser sources TA020

2009  Market launch of laser marking systems based on TA020-SK7

2009  Building a Specialist Dealer Network

2011  Market launch of water-cooled lasers for marking and cutting applications

2012  Use our lasers in medicine

2013  Market launch of the laser station TM020+

2014  Market launch of the laser robot RC020

2015  Market launch of the lasermarker TT020w

2016  Market launch of the laser cooling unit WT022

2017  Market launch of the laser cutter TD020c

2018  Development and delivery of partial automated special solutions

2019  Market launch of the OneBox LaserMarker TB020